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Kubernetes Deployment

This guide will help you deploy Governify-Falcon in a Kubernetes cluster.


  • Kubernetes cluster with HELM installed
  • A domain with the ability to modify DNS records.
  • Ports 80, 443 open for the cluster.

Infrastructure setupโ€‹

  1. Create Namespace
$    kubectl create namespace governify-falcon
  1. Install Contour
$    kubectl apply -f
  1. Wait a few minutes and get the Load Balancer IP Address
$    (kubectl get -n projectcontour service envoy -o json) | jq -r '.status.loadBalancer.ingress[0].ip'
  1. Install CertManager
$    kubectl apply -f
  1. Create a values.yaml file with the following content
node_env: production
gov_infrastructure: http://falcon-assets-manager/api/v1/public/infrastructure.yaml
services_prefix: .<infrastructure-prefix>
dns_suffix: .<your-DNS-zone>
login_user: governify-admin
login_password: governify-project

private_key: somerandomkey
  1. Install charts
$    helm repo add governify
$ helm repo update
$ helm install -f values.yaml falcon governify/Governify-Falcon

More information about the configuration options available for Governify-Falcon HELM chart can be found at our HELM Charts repository.